Kitchen Backsplash Tile

You may be a world-class chef, but what if your home kitchen design needs a little flavor? Factory Kitchen + Bath Outlet can help you add some zest to your cooking area. One of the easiest ways to add some fresh panache is to install a kitchen backsplash in your Kokomo home. Contact us today at (765) 455-8888 for a free consultation. We serve Kokomo, Indiana, and the surrounding communities, including Logansport, Marion, Peru, Tipton, and Wabash.
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The Purposes of Backsplash Installation

Many people question whether backsplashes are functional or decorative. They actually serve both purposes:
  1. Easy Cleaning: Backsplashes provide an easy-to-clean surface behind splash-prone kitchen areas, like sinks, ovens, and even countertops. Now oil splatters, soap residue, and water sprays won’t ruin wallpaper or discolor paint; just wipe them away.
  2. Superb Style: Perhaps the most popular reason people get a tile backsplash is to infuse the kitchen with color and style. A seemingly endless selection of designed, patterned, and monochromatic designs gives you the freedom to subtly compliment your kitchen’s color scheme or to make it the stunning focal point.

Make a Statement

Backsplashes can transform your kitchen from galley to glamorous. While ceramic tiles are used the most, below are other materials to choose from:
  • Glass
  • Natural stone
  • Stainless steel
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Slate

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Need more inspiration? Visit our showroom where our employees can provide design advice, show you several tile backsplash ideas, and help you decide which one will look the best while staying within your budget. After you’ve found the perfect one, we’ll send an experienced team to professionally install it for you. At, we walk you through the entire kitchen remodeling process, from selecting your favorite materials to installing them for you. In addition to backsplashes, we also specialize in bathroom remodeling, kitchen and bathroom lighting, kitchen design services, flooring installation, and other installation needs. Contact us at (765) 455-8888 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you.