Walk-In Bathtub

Taking a steamy bubble bath after a long day of work can be one of the most cathartic experiences. However, many adults forgo this pleasure because a regular tub isn’t entirely comfortable or safe. At Factory Kitchen + Bath Outlet, we have a remedy to this dilemma: a walk-in tub for your bathroom in Kokomo and beyond.

Walk-In Bathtub Kokomo IN

We sell Safety Tub®, a high-quality brand that takes safety—and luxury—to the next level. If you’re interested in getting a walk-in bathtub, contact us at (765) 455-8888. We offer professional bathtub installations in Kokomo, Indiana, and the surrounding communities, including Logansport, Marion, Peru, Tipton, Wabash, and more.

The following amenities of a walk-in tub allow you to bathe safely and pamper yourself at the same time:

  • Walk-in door
  • Ergonomic seat for comfort
  • Convenient handrail
  • Textured floor to prevent slips
  • Hydro Massage Air Bubble System™
  • Hydro Massage Jet System™
  • Back and legs massager
  • Germ-resistant, stain-resistant tub

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Aging in Place

Many of our clients have testified that purchasing one of these easily accessible bathtubs was the key to aging in place. The term “aging in place” refers to the elderly who choose to stay in their homes instead of going to a nursing home or retirement community. Many of them make some simple safety changes, like these customized tubs.

However, these tubs aren’t just for the elderly. They can also greatly benefit anyone who is experiencing the following:

  • Limited mobility
  • Sports injuries
  • Chronic pain associated with arthritis, rheumatism, or another serious ailment

The safety features provide peace of mind, and the warm water and massage jets soothe pain and erase stress. Almost everyone could benefit from one of these tubs. Better yet, they require limited bathroom remodeling to install. If you’re interested in these, you may also find our walk-in showers appealing.

Factory Kitchen + Bath Outlet also specializes in kitchen renovations, floor installations, home and bathroom lighting, and various other home design services in Kokomo, IN, and beyond. We look forward to customizing your home for you and your family. Contact us at (765) 455-8888 for a free quote today.

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